Welcome to the Tabernacle 2017


Join our devoted congregation where all are welcome.

The church meet for weekly worship on Sundays at 11am.  We have a strong, devoted congregation and we enthusiastically welcome all who wish to join us. Services are led by visiting ministers and preachers.  Our church is part of the United Reformed Church family, offering an open and inclusive environment for worship and aiding us in our pursuit of God's mission to help our community, build faith, reduce poverty and provide emotional and physical support to those in need.

The Tabernacle Fellowship Group, which is linked to the Pembroke Story, holds monthly meetings on the last Thursday of each month. At this event members of the congregation and local community gather to share stories, poetry, experiences, memories and, most importantly, tea and cake! The group is relaxed and informal and about building friendships, support and strength as a group.

We hold a Women's Bible study and Prayer group on Thursday afternoons at 2pm where we learn about the Christian faith and share fellowship with others. Follow this link for more information.